Delaware High School Bowling

Please support Delaware High School bowling as we try to initiate bowling in DE high schools.  Since 2010 I've been visiting high schools in the area during the students' lunches to start a bowling club/league.  It is my goal to prove to the high schools that there are students interest in bowling so that the schools will begin to recongize bowling as a school level sport/club.

Students bowl on a 3 person team each week against students from other schools.  It is a handicap based league/club so bowlers of all abilities are welcome.  Example:  if Joe bowls an average of 100 each game then he receives 100 pins handicap for a total score of 200; while Max bowls an average of 175 each game then he recieves 25 pins handiap for a total score of 200.  If Joe bowls a 150 game then Max will have to bowl 225 to tie.


DEHS Bowling T-Shirts are on sale to raise money for the students.  Once we have funds we can aid in transportation, scholarships, and more.